The Internet of Things Blog

How to connect to AirVantage: creating an API client ID

6 Jul 2016

Using AirVantage allows you to connect people and business with machine data, enabling innovation in products and services.

Customer portal design: creating good IoT interfaces

3 Jul 2016

What's the secret of customer portal design? Can we make our new portal look the way we like?

IoT applications in residential, healthcare and policing

29 Jun 2016

The internet of things is rapidly changing our homes, and how healthcare is provided, and how are policing and security are undertaken.

Industry 4.0: the Industrial Internet of Things

28 Jun 2016

Equipment manufacturers are using the IoT and machine to machine communication (M2M) to unlock possibilities never seen before.

Connect a thing to the cloud? It's easier than you imagined

22 Jun 2016

If you've ever wanted to connect a "thing" to the cloud, here is how.

IoT portal system architecture

21 Jun 2016

My quick guide to Assetwolf's system architecture.

User account management in the internet of things

19 Jun 2016

How user account management is as simple or as sophisticated as your product.

Using multiplexing for GSM, low-power and low-bandwidth connections

8 Jun 2016

Assetwolf lets you pack the data of multiple assets into a single data object. By sending a single data object, you can save power and bandwidth compared with all assets connecting independently.

Connect ANY remote device to the internet of things

4 May 2016

Assetwolf creates customer portals that let you monitor and control any MQTT- or http-enabled device.