Managing consumables

A great many assets use consumables. For example, a machine may need to have a filter changed, or a paper towel dispenser may need to have its pack replaced.

When such things are connected to the internet of things, the usage of consumables can be monitored.

Gathering the data together

Although it is not hard to imagine how a single machine can send a notification that its consumable needs replacing, a more typical scenario is that a fleet of machines is being monitored. It's typical for a maintainer to visit a site and replenish the consumables on all machines at a single site.

The Assetwolf system has tools for monitoring consumable levels on a broad scale, and reporting the results. When an emergency replacement is needed, it can send an alert for a specific asset, while more generally it sends information to maintainers about the overall requirement for replacing consumables.

Prediction is better than reaction

Assetwolf can predict when consumables need to be replenished. 

How this is predicted depends on the application; some consumables need to be replenished after a certain time, some after a certain amount of usage of the asset. There can be other events as well. Commonly it is some combination of more than one factor.

Assetwolf's Phi scripting system allows system owners to develop and maintain effectively algorithms for predicting when consumables need to be replenished. So the result is that maintainers replenish what is needed in good time.


Assetwolf can support e-commerce for re-ordering, or more commonly can be interfaced with an existing e-commerce ordering system.