How to connect the SendLocation mobile app to Assetwolf

You can connect the SendLocation mobile app to your Assetwolf portal in just a few seconds.

SendLocation example

1. Download SendLocation

Visit the SendLocation website or download it from the App Store.
When you run it, it looks like this:











2. Create an asset on the portal

Go into your Assetwolf portal, and make your first asset (it should happen automatically on a new portal). Make sure you select an asset type of "SendLocation", as this will have the correct fields already set up.

You should see your first asset in the list like this:

List of assets on customer portal

3. Get the IDs

In the screen above, click "Connect". You will see information like this:

Details of an asset

Make a note of:

SendLocation setup4. Configure the app

On your phone, go into SendLocation's setup page, and enter details like this:






You'll need to enter the personal server and script as shown in step 3, paying attention that it's in the format:

Remember to replace "portalname" with your portal's name, and "1234" with your asset's device ID from step 3.

You can turn the "Send device ID" button to "OFF" as this refers to the SendLocation in-built device ID. Your Assetwolf device ID is different, and is sent in the connection string.

5. Send some data

Click the blue "Done" button in the app to go back to the first screen (like you saw in step 1). 

To make sure the app sends some data, you may need to move around, or quit the app and re-open it. 

If all is well, you should see some data on the portal (click the Reload button):

Google ChromeScreenSnapz568

6. View your track

Click the "View" button and then "View track", you should see your position and recent location, for example like this:

Viewing a location track

If you see a map like this, you've sent your first data to your Assetwolf portal!