Support Documentation

Learning your way around Assetwolf is easy.

Sending data out of order and resending existing data

This page explains how your device can send the timestamp that a reading was taken or an event occurred. You can do this for one or several assets.

Using one comms device for multiple assets

Assetwolf lets you use a single networked communication device to send a single object of data for multiple assets at a time.

MQTT Broker: Bidirectional communications using Assetwolf

How to enable bidirectional communications using Assetwolf, using MQTT to send data both to and from remote "things".

MQTT QoS: Understanding Quality of Service

Quality of Service (QoS) in MQTT is an agreement between sender and receiver on the guarantee of delivering a message. Our guide on using it in IoT device-to-portal communications.

How to connect to using Secure MQTT

How to connect to Assetwolf using a Secure SSL/TLS connection to the MQTT broker.