IoT Consultancy Services

We offer a range of consultancy services to back-up the Assetwolf platform.


Our Assetwolf expert IoT team was created in 2012 and works with customers to make products smarter and to create architectures for putting their data online.

We generally work with OEMs on product manufacturers, and our range of topics includes product design, communication protocols, online database architectures and security systems.

Portal Design

Assetwolf customer portals frequently need a different design from the standard. We work with clients to create either innovative designs for their customer portals, or to take our clients' existing branding and turn it into an interface that blends seamlessly with their existing online presence.


Many clients have existing systems which need to be integrated with their IoT portal.

A typical example is where user data is held in an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system, for example with service scheduling, service reports, ordering and contract management data.


We provide training for new client users, and ongoing support. We provide this via our training centre in the UK, at client sites, or online.

Our prompt and responsive team deal with all matters ranging from simple queries to complex development needs and customisations.