IoT cloud hosting

Assetwolf is hosting in the cloud for the internet of things. So why should you trust your things' data to the cloud?

Why the Cloud?

We think that "the cloud" is the logical way to go for the internet of things. 

Whether remote "things" connect to the cloud through wi-fi, cellular, LPWA or other means, it makes most sense for their data to be collected on a platform that is low-cost, reliable, scalable, and smart. 

The Assetwolf platform runs in the cloud. We normally operate this as a platform-as-a-service, with the platform being operated and maintained by Tribal Systems.

Why is this better than building and running a platform yourself?

Lower Cost

By using the Assetwolf cloud-based platform, we pass on a great cost saving to our customers. There is no need for massive capital investment, and no need to maintain expensive hardware, internet connectivity or server software.

In contrast, Assetwolf offers a low-cost start and a low per-asset ongoing cost.

Greater reliability

Assetwolf is reliable; we offer a Service Level Agreement which guarantees 24x7 availability and 99.99% uptime.

The platform is continually monitored and there are frequent backups to ensure data is secure.

We are continuously developing the Assetwolf platform, so patches are applied rapidly to all customer installations and there is a continuous stream of new features being implemented. Despite this, upgrades are not mandatory for customers who prefer a totally stable software environment.

Endless scalability

While many projects start small, every one has the potential to be huge.

By operating in the cloud, sheer volumes of data are easier to handle, because an IoT platform can grow. We use the massively scalable MongoDB database, whose name derives from "humungous", it's designed for large scale data.

It's not just sheer data volume that needs to scale. Sometimes it is the complexity of the data, or the means of access to the data. For example, on some of our portals we have thousands of corporate user companies, themselves each with dozens of individual users.

Ability to integrate

IoT platforms are rarely about sheer data; they are about creating customer portals shaped around customers' needs.

A frequent requirement in building a portal is the need to draw together data from a number of sources. For example, we integrate document libraries; product databases; service schedules; service reports; customer feedback; contractual information; order information; and more.

By being in a cloud environment it is possible for the Assetwolf platform to reach out and to be reached. If it were in a closet it could not do this.

Open Source IoT platform

Although we do not presently offer the Assetwolf software as a download, we do offer paying customers who have used Assetwolf as a platform the ability to run and maintain their own complete copy of Assetwolf.

This is a safeguard for our customers, "in case anything happens".

Assetwolf is written in PHP and runs on the Linux platform with MySQL and MongoDB databases, all of which are open source products. We can thus provide a copy of Assetwolf under a non-distribution open source license.