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Now supporting LoRaWAN

25 Apr 2023

AssetWolf now supports the LoRaWAN protocol, which allows wide-range connection of devices up to several kilometres from an internet-connected gateway.

We've moved office!

18 Jun 2019

We are excited to announce that we have moved to a new location in the centre of Reading

GDPR: We've updated our privacy policy

25 May 2018

We've updated our privacy policy.

Announcing Phi: the new language for simple calculations and rules processing for IoT

31 Oct 2017

The latest Assetwolf software includes Phi, an easy-to-learn language for performing calculations on incoming data from devices.

Rapid Washrooms wins BIFM Award for new product and service 2017

18 Oct 2017

Rapid Washrooms wins BIFM Award for new product and service 2017

Commands come to the trial sites: take control of your things!

13 Mar 2017

We've introduced IoT Commands on our trial sites. Commands allow you to send data and instructions to assets via MQTT.

Assetwolf now on Amazon AWS

10 Feb 2017

We're please to say that Assetwolf is now available on AWS, making the platform available in multiple countries and more scalable than ever before.

Major upgrade of Assetwolf IoT platform announced

24 Nov 2016

Assetwolf lets you pack the data of multiple assets into a single data object. By sending a single data object, you can save power and bandwidth compared with all assets connecting independently.

Using MQTT to connect a thing to an IoT cloud platform

11 Aug 2016

IoT devices often have periods of sleep and wake up periodically to send data to the host platform. Here's how MQTT is used for 2-way communication.

Organising Asset Data

6 Jul 2016

Organising Asset Data can be done through our Asset Data Templates (ADTs), an useful way in which data from a asset will be properly interpreted. 

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