Custom dashboards for the internet of things

Out-of-the-box, one of our portals has a Superuser dashboard, that contains a full set of functionality.

But frequently there are many more views of the data, for customers, maintainers and operators.

Superuser dashboard

A Superuser dashboard typically includes the following interfaces:

  • view your client companies' data and/or users' processed data (graphs, maps, charts etc.)
  • view all assets and their received data
  • send commands to assets
  • set up your client companies, their locations, their users and roles
  • define schema for assets (i.e. define the types of assets, their fields, and how their data is handled)
  • define triggers (alarm conditions), procedures for handling them, and a possible weekly schedule
  • define the hierarchy of data pools and assets
  • manage key site settings and security features
  • export data
  • set up simulations based on historic data
  • manage reports. 

In addition to this, there may be a number of other dashboards.

image client managersClient managers' dashboard

When your client is a company or other organisation, you may want their users to access their data.

The management may wish to log in and see their company data, in an analysed form with graphs, charts, maps and performance quality analysis.

image client operatorsClient operators' dashboard

Your client company may have operational personnel, such as cleaners, maintainers and other operatives.

They may need a simplified, tablet or smart phone optimised interface. 

The AssetWolf portal gives them this, with exactly the feature set that they need, and no more.

maintenance teamYour maintenance team

You may employ a team of maintenance people who install and maintain the assets that you are monitoring. 

For example, it may be the maintenance team's task to install a sensor on a client's HVAC system, and they need an interface with just the right amount of control.

Such people may, like operators, depend on a responsive, mobile-friendly interface, with the ability to add new assets and configure them. They may also need to add customer users' accounts.

But you may not want them to have access to make more wide-ranging changes on the portal (this is the job of your Superuser team).

So the AssetWolf system is configurable to give them exactly what they need.