Connection to AssetWolf

AssetWolf supports two connection methods as standard, REST and MQTT.

REST HTTP/HTTPS connection

A REST connection is made using a standard GET request.

For example:


  • portalname is the name of your portal
  • push_data.php is the standard program that receives REST data
  • deviceId must be sent to identify the communication device (usually 4-32 characters)
  • field names and values must be send after a ? and be separated with ?

An Assetwolf portal will normally display a customised GET connection string, for example:

Google ChromeScreenSnapz326

Note that REST connections are currently password-less and non-SSL and so we recommend this only be used for development and testing purposes.

MQTT connection

AssetWolf supports MQTT connections (secure and insecure), with a range of standard and custom options.

The base connection type is to use non-SSL, with parameters:

  • your client username
  • port number (1883 for non-SSL, 8883 for SSL)
  • your client MQTT password