Assetwolf has always been a great starting point for connecting IoT devices to the internet.

Until now, we have utilised our own hosting facilities, as maintained by Tribal Systems, here in the UK.

I'm now pleased to say that we can offer the same using AWS.

Greater scalability

The AWS platform gives our customers a greater ability to scale, based on Amazon's Micro, Small, Medium Large, and a range of Extra Large instances.

Within an Assetwolf portal, the part which grows most is the NoSQL database (MongoDB), and we've seen these grow to multiple GB's of data. 

The NoSQL database size depends on the frequency of incoming data from assets, the number of fields, and the duration for which it is stored. So for example, where assets send data once per minute, with data being stored for 5 years, there is considerable potential for storage growth.

Regional storage

We have various clients outside of the UK, and they often want local storage. This is most commonly to suit local regulations.

The AWS platform helps nicely in this respect, with a range of locations all around the world.

Trial sites

Trial sites are presently still being created on our Bunker network, with AWS through the automated system coming soon. In the mean time please contact us if you'd like a site on AWS.