Sending data out of order/resending existing data

Sending data out of order

Assetwolf works best if your device sends data in chronological order. However if your device loses connectivity, or there is some other network problem, you may need to resend old data.

Assetwolf will accept data from a specified, older timestamp, as long as it is no more than seven days old (and you can change this value in the Global Setup Options).

If old data is received, data will be entered into the system and a reprocess will be triggered automatically to update the values of calculated fields.

Metrics are not reprocessed automatically.

Resending existing data

Assetwolf also supports updating a datapoint that was previously sent.

To update an existing datapoint, you will need to send a message with the exact timestamp.

If your new message contains fields that were in the old message, those fields will be updated to the new values you send.

If your message contains different fields to the fields that were in the old message, your new values will be merged in with the existing values.

A reprocess will then be triggered as mentioned above.