AssetWolf now supports LoRaWAN-connected devices.

LoRaWAN® is a low power, wide area networking protocol. Its purpose is to wirelessly connect battery operated devices to the internet.

LoRaWAN devices use tiny amounts of power and so are typically battery-powered, lasting several months or years on a single charge — even 10 years is possible.

Devices may be at fixed or mobile locations. They are designed to communicate over large distances, which can allow them to be several kilometres from a fixed internet gateway — 5km in urban environments or even 16km where there is a clear line of sight.

The nature of the protocol is that data is transferred at a high rate when the environment is not heavily loaded, but the transfer rate simply slows down when there is large amount of signal data in the air.

We've created an easy-to-use means of connecting LoRaWAN devices to AssetWolf. Once data arrives at our platform, it is absorbed into the AssetWolf database and merged with other data in the usual hierarchical system.

In this way, LoRaWAN products can easily be mixed and matched with MQTT and http-based devices. AssetWolf is agnostic to the means of communication, and so it compiles floor plans, graphs and metrics in the usual way.