How to connect a "thing" to the Assetwolf IoT portal using MQTT

Here's a simple architecture diagram of how Assetwolf uses an MQTT broker:

MQTT diagram 1

Your asset is over on the left hand side of the above diagram, here are the steps to connect.

Connect to the broker

Depending on your setup, we will give you either secure SSL or insecure credentials. It's easy to use a non-SSL connection, which is the standard set-up for demo sites. You will need these parameters:

  • your clientID
  • port number
  • your portal's MQTT password

The port number will be 1883 for non-SSL connection, or 8883 is SSL.

To find these in your portal, log in as a Superuser and go to Set-up -> Global Asset Connection Details.

This is how this looks if you use the MQTTlens Chrome App:

MQTT broker connection using MQTTlens