Designing your IoT customer portal

Several people have been asking me, what does an Assetwolf portal look like? Can we make our new portal look the way we like?

The answer is, yes of course, that's exactly what it's designed to do!

When building an Assetwolf customer portal, you can choose between low-cost, off-the-shelf templates, or request a design to match your existing brand.

Off-the-shelf portal

A ready-made design keeps costs to a minimum, while allowing for your logo and custom graphics to be uploaded for modest customisation.

This is a great solution for immediate portal set-up, such as when building a PoC (proof-of-concept) portal.

Custom design

Alternatively, our design team can create an original design for you, or we can work with brand guidelines so that your portal's appearance blends seamlessly with your existing online presence.

Merge your portal with a regular website

A portal can go far beyond handling asset-related data, and can handle regular website content, documents, and much more.

The Assetwolf platform is based on the Zenario content management system, meaning that a portal can include publicly-accessible web pages, editable by portal administrators. The site can include document libraries, image libraries, maps, news, events and much more. 

Multi-lingual support

Assetwolf portals can easily be delivered in multiple languages, and take into account other internationalisation requirements such as time zones.